Where to find products to sell on Amazon or eBay

When i first started selling online about 4 years ago i was stumped. Where to find products to sell on Amazon or eBay? I looked all over the internet and did hundreds of searches on google to find some wholesale companies that could sell me wholesale products to then resell on amazon or ebay. First, there are more “wholesale scammers” than the “real wholesale companies”. This one of the most scariest times in buying from a wholesale company that you have never dealt with before because the risk of them being a scam is pretty high. Especially, if you just did a google search with key words such as “wholesale companies”. Luckily there are a websites that can verify real and legit wholesale companies without you having to “gamble” your money into a scam wholesale company.

Here are a few websites that i have used to find “real wholesale companies” with millions of products to choose from to start selling online.

Using sites such as noted above can definitely prevent you from getting ripped off and loosing your money.  Some “fake wholesale companies” will send you knock-off products to cover their scam and then say that the product that was sent to you is real and wont refund your money back. Now you are stuck with worthless products and out of your investment.

I just wanted to share some little tips to people who are looking into starting a online retail business. I hate seeing people ripped off by fake wholesale companies when those people are trying to make a business to gain income. Fake wholesale companies is a reality. No doubt about it. Websites like Salehoo.com isn’t the “one-all-be-all” solution but they verify all of their suppliers and from me that makes me feel safe which is why i have used that website to source products to sell on eBay in the past. Selling products online is awesome, i love being able to be at home with my family and a somewhat flex schedule but people who are interested in starting a online retail business need to know about these scammers and be aware of certain wholesale companies.

Feel free to check out the links i provided if you are looking into finding real wholesale companies.  I believe on salehoo.com they will allow you to do a wholesale directory search to see if they have the products you are looking for before subscribing to their service ( which is really awesome )

Also, if you have been scammed before by a certain wholesale company please comment below and tell us about it. I & others want to hear about it!

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Until next time.